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Do You Need Physical Therapy?

• Do you experience pain from a sports-related injury such as running, skiing,
tennis or soccer?

• Do you experience pain due to a repetitive motion disorder such as carpal
tunnel syndrome, bursitis or tendonitis?

• Have you had surgery or expecting to have surgery?

• Do you have neck and/or back pain?

• Do you have wrist or elbow pain?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may benefit from seeing
a physical therapist.

Activa provides pre- and post- surgical physical therapy for procedures such
as ACL repair, rotator cuff repair, arthroscopic procedures, knee and hip
replacements, diskectomies, and wrist and ankle fractures.

Activa also provides ergonomic education to help relieve and prevent work-
related neck, back, wrist and elbow pain due to inappropriately configured
workstations or repetitive motion.

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